Tenent Representation

When locating, and negotiating, the terms of a new lease space for your business you deserve to have experienced and knowledgeable representation that will negotiate solely on your behalf, looking out only for your best interests. The commercial real estate professionals at Vandenboss Commercial will not only fight to get you the best lease rate possible, but also negotiate terms of the lease that you may not have ever thought of, saving you thousands of dollars and numerous headaches throughout the term of your lease.

How Tenant Representation Works

Once selecting Vandenboss Commercial to represent you in your pursuit of a new lease space for your business we enter into an agency relationship. This agency relationship ensures that your agent is looking out for your best interests, and your best interests only. Your agent owes you full disclosure and confidentiality. This means that any relevant information your agent discovers pertaining to your deal must be disclosed to you. This also means that your agent owes you full confidentiality, so they cannot share any confidential information that you share with them.

In most cases, you do not pay your tenant representative. They are usually compensated either by the landlord, or the listing broker. While being very convenient for you to not have to pay for the service, it also can cause a bit of a conflict if you are not careful in your selection of a tenant rep. This conflict arises because the fee paid to your agent is a percentage of the total value of your lease. So, the more you pay in rent, the higher the commission. While some brokers and agents put their commission check ahead of their client's best interest, the professionals at Vandenboss Commercial understand that the more value we can provide to our clients, the more business we can earn in the future.

Is your business looking for new lease space? Contact a professional at Vandenboss Commercial to discuss your business' needs so we can help you locate a space and get you into a favorable lease.