Seller Representation

When selling your commercial property, it is important to have a dedicated, aggressive real estate agent working on your behalf to not only ensure that your property is being presented to as many potential buyers as possible, but to negotiate the most favorable price and terms on your behalf. Often times, when selling your commercial property, simply posting the listing online and putting a sign out front isn't enough to make your listing stand out from all of the others. Typically, a commercial property for sale is either unique to a specific business type or industry (restaurant, drive thru, industrial, etc.), can be used by a number of different business types (retail strip center, office building, etc.) or is aimed at commercial real estate investors (leased strip center, multi-tenant office building, single tenant NNN leased, multi-family etc.) Vandenboss Commercial will work with you to determine the likely buyer profile for your property and aggressively market it accordingly. Vandenboss Commercial agents are constantly reaching out to prospective buyers, whether they're owner occupied buyers or investors, and discovering who's moving, expanding, or actively investing and market our listings accordingly.

How Seller Representation Works

Once you choose Vandenboss Commercial to represent you in selling your commercial real estate we enter into an agency relationship. This agency relationship commits Vandenboss Commercial to not only market your property to the best of our ability, but negotiates on your behalf to ensure the most favorable terms of the deal for you. Your listing agent will do a competitive market analysis to help you determine the current market value of your property and help you price it enough to yield the highest sales price while still being competitive enough to attract buyers. The commercial real estate market is always changing and evolving, so your agent needs to be on top of these trends to keep you informed of how to get your property sold.

While some commercial real estate firms operate as a "listing warehouse" with the idea that more listings = more leads = more money. Operating in this way makes it very difficult for them to give personal attention to each listings. This also may cause some agents to steer leads away from one listing to a listing they're close to losing. Many agents will also put the majority of their time, energy and attention into the listings that will generate the highest commission, while leaving other listings to be neglected. When you work with Vandenboss Commercial to sell your real estate you will know that your listing is receiving the personal attention that you expect out of your commercial real estate firm. Our goals are not focused on the number of new listings or total transaction volume, but taking care of each and every one of our clients the best that we possible can. Our agents all understand, and agree, that client satisfaction leads to more business in the future.

The fee for selling your commercial property is typically a percentage of the sale price and is determined based on the listing and sale price of the property There is no cost to you if your space doesn't sell within the term of our agency agreement, but we don't intend to let that happen. To talk about your commercial property and the options available to you, contact Vandenboss Commercial to come up with a plan of action and discuss all of the details of the sales process.