Whether buying or selling investment real estate, Vandenboss Commercial real estate agents are experienced and knowledgeable on the investment real estate transaction process, the current market and trends, as well as who is buying and selling what.

Buying Investment Real Estate

Whether you're about to make your first, or your one thousandth investment real estate purchase, Vandenboss Commercial's real estate investment professionals can assist you in locating and purchasing an investment property that will be well suited for your investment goals. It can be difficult to know the right time to buy, what types of properties you should be looking at, and what type of return you should expect. Vandenboss Commercial real estate investment professionals can show you local, statewide, and national trends for various property types to help you understand the pros and cons of each investment property type. Our real estate investment professionals will thoroughly discuss your short and long term investing goals and assist you in developing an investment plan. Once you have a detailed plan in place we will begin the process of locating investment properties that fit into your plan. So often, the best opportunities are taken before they ever have a chance to hit the market. For this reason, it can be very difficult to locate the right investment property and have the opportunity to make an offer. Working with a commercial real estate broker that has inside knowledge of what properties are coming available and who is considering selling is extremely valuable in order to be able to take advantage of the best investment opportunities.

Selling Investment Real Estate

If the time has come to sell your income producing real estate, Vandenboss Commercial can assist you in getting the highest dollar amount for your property in the shortest time possible. With a vast network of investors of all types, our commercial real estate investment professionals can get your listing in the hands of the right investors that are ready, willing, and able to purchase your property. Vandenboss Commercial is also experienced and knowledgeable with 1031 exchanges, so if you are intending to purchase another property with the proceeds from you sale, our agents can help every step of the way.