List Your Commercial Property

If you own commercial real estate in Mid Michigan or an assisted living facility or senior housing in the state of Michigan that you need to sell or lease, Vandenboss Commercial has commercial real estate agents ready to sell your property for the best price the market will support in the shortest time possible. The commercial real estate agents at Vandenboss Commercial take an aggressive approach to marketing listings to ensure success in closing a deal for you.

Selling Commercial Real Estate

Whether you have an investment property senior housing or assisted living facility, our commercial real estate agents will work with you to develop an effective plan to market your property and secure a buyer at a fair price in the shortest time possible.

Some properties are easier to sell than others. Some properties appeal to a broader group of buyers while some properties may be built for a very specific use which limits the number of buyers available for the real estate. Your commercial real estate agent will up-front with you about what you can expect in terms of price and marketing time. While we can't predict exactly when we will find a buyer for you, no matter what the property is, we can let you know what type of activity there has been in the market for your type of commercial real estate, assisted living or senior housing.

Once developing a marketing plan for your property, our team of commercial real estate agents will go to work making sure that all of your potential buyers will be aware of your listing. Instead of relying only on sign placement and online listings, we reach out directly to people and businesses that we think may have an interest in your property.

Vandenboss Commercial also has a growing database of commercial real estate buyers. When we get a new listing that is a match for any of these buyers we reach out to them by phone, email and mail to let them know about your property.

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Our commercial real estate agents work hard for our clients, and we will work hard to sell your commercial property too.