Landlord Representation

When you have commercial space to lease, you need an aggressive agent to get your listing in front of as many potential tenants as possible. With the vacancy rate for commercial properties being what it is today, tenants have a lot of choices when choosing a space. To get your space leased out in the shortest amount of time possible, your agent is tasked with making your property stick out from all of the others. Simply listing it online and placing a sign out front isn't always going to cut it. Vandenboss Commercial puts the extra effort into listings to showcase our clients' properties to their fullest potential. Our agents are also constantly reaching out to local businesses, as well as national chains and franchises, to find out who's looking to move or expand and make sure they are aware of our clients' properties. You can be assured that listing your lease space with Vandenboss Commercial will ensure that your listing gets maximum visibility.

How Landlord Representation Works

Once you choose Vandenboss Commercial to represent you in leasing out your commercial space we enter into an agency relationship. This agency relationship commits Vandenboss Commercial to not only market your property to the best of our ability, but negotiates on your behalf to ensure the most favorable lease terms for you. Your listing agent will do a competitive market analysis to help you determine the lease rate that will yield you the most profit while still being competitive enough to attract new tenants. The commercial real estate market is always changing and evolving, so your agent needs to be on top of these trends to keep you informed of how to get your space leased, and keep it leased. Vandenboss Commercial will also help you screen your new tenants to make sure that are operating a viable business and can meet their lease payment obligations.

While some commercial real estate firms operate as a "listing warehouse" with the idea that more listings = more leads = more money. Operating in this way makes it very difficult for them to give personal attention to each listings. This also may cause some agents to steer leads away from one listing to a listing they're close to losing. Many agents will also put the majority of their time, energy and attention into the listings that will generate the highest commission, while leaving other listings to be neglected. When you work with Vandenboss Commercial to lease your space you will know that your listing is receiving the personal attention that you expect out of your commercial real estate firm. Our goals are not focused on the number of new listings or total transaction volume, but taking care of each and every one of our clients the best that we possible can. Our agents all understand, and agree, that client satisfaction leads to more business in the future.

The fee for leasing your space is typically a percentage of the gross lease amount. There is no cost to you if your space doesn't lease within the term of our agency agreement, but we don't intend to let that happen. To talk about your lease space and the options available to you, contact Vandenboss Commercial to come up with a plan of action and discuss all of the details of the leasing process.