Assisted Living Brokerage

Vandenboss Commercial specializes in the sale transaction of privately owned assisted living facilities throughout Michigan. We work with assisted living properties of all sizes and ensure a smooth transition for both buyers and sellers.

Our team has completed several transaction of various sizes throughout the state, providing us with the experience and knowledge required to know the steps involved with remaining compliant with licensing and successfully transitioning the operation from buyer to seller without disrupting the residents and staff.

For Sellers

Vandenboss Commercial works with sellers of assisted living facilities throughout Michigan to help them sell their property and business. Your assisted living property is typically worth considerably more when it's still operating, with residents and staff in place. Our team can provide you with a market analysis to give you an accurate opinion of value. We then work hard to ensure you get the highest price possible for your property and business as quickly as possible.

In most cases we recommend keeping the sale of your existing operation confidential. This helps to ensure that residents won't look for a new place to live, and staff won't look for a new place to work. During the process of finding a buyer, and completing a transaction, it's important to keep the business operating as usual in order to maintain its value. We keep your sale confidential by not advertising the exact location or name of your facility. We only share information with buyers once we have qualified them and they have signed a confidentiality agreement.

We maintain a database of active buyers that we know are currently looking for assisted living facilities, and we market directly to investors and assisted living operators that we determine will likely have an interest in purchasing your facility. Taking this approach allows us to get deals done quickly, and at the highest value, since we are not simply waiting for buyers to find us.